Stokholm – bright holiday in a bright city

Evening scenery of Stockholm, Sweden © Oleksiy Mark -


  1. Capture the spirit of the Old Town
  2. See the ceremony of Changing the Guard
  3. Go to the island of Djurgarden
  4.  Learn how the Nobel Prize came about
  5. Spend great time after sunset
  6.  Go shopping to the City
  7.  Dine in one of the best restaurants in Scandinavia
  8.  Escape from the city going on a picnic
  9.  Go skating

Welcome to Stockholm – an intellectual capital of the world built on 14 islands which strike with the mix of medieval and ultra-modern cultures, closely set colored houses, which roofs Karlsson liked so much, and heady air of the blooming tulips and daffodils in spring.

In addition to many attractions and museums, the Swedish capital can boast of plenty of cafes with stunningly delicious food, shops of the sophisticated Swedish designers, awesome hotels and vibrant night life, so everyone will find interesting things to do in Stockholm regardless of the purpose of your travel.

Capture the spirit of the Old Town

You’d better start a tour of any city with its historical part gradually moving to more modern attractions. The Old Town is a historic center of Stockholm located on three islands. The major among them (and the largest in area) is Stadsholmen. It was here where, in the XII-XIII centuries, Stockholm was founded, and here you can find the most of attractions.

Beyond the standard tourist route which includes the Royal Palace, the German Church (Tyska kyrkan), the Nobel Museum, and much more, in the Old Town there are other places of interest: the narrowest street in the Swedish capital, for instances, – Alley of Marten Trotzig. Its width is 90 centimeters.

In the center of the Old Town, there is a large square of Stortorget – the oldest square in Stockholm. They say that the number of white stones (92) on the facade of the red building at Stortorget 20 corresponds to the number of people executed here during the massacre in 1520.

Old Town in Stockholm, Sweden © Oleksiy Mark -

See the ceremony of Changing the Guard

The Ceremony of Changing the Guard can be observed in front of the Royal Palace. You can see the change of guard from June to August every day at 12.10 (on holidays and Sundays at 13.10). At other times, the guard is changed only on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays. The whole process takes about 20 minutes.

The palace itself is also attractive for tourists. Today it is one of the largest operating palaces in the world and the official residence of King Carl Gustaf XVI. Inside, there are Royal and Knights’ Chambers, Weapons and Coach Hall, and several museums. Among other things, you can see the coach in which the Swedish monarchs went to the coronation, the replicas of an old wooden palace, medieval utensils and other items found by archaeologists.

Go to the island of Djurgarden

If you come to Stockholm with your children then there is no better place for great entertainment than Djurgarden. There are several interesting attractions here.

  1. Skansen Museum – the most famous ethnographic museum in the world that take in visitors for over 100 years. In its territory, there are over 160 replicas of huts and houses from all over Sweden where everything was preserved as it was 150-300 years ago.
  2. The House of fairy tales - Junibacken where your children will meet Moomins, Karlsson, Pippi Longstocking, Emil of Lonneberga. In the museum, there is a restaurant serving ice cream and homemade cakes.
  3. Water Museum Aquaria where you can observe the life of sharks, see how a small archer fish hunts, learn interesting facts about the prototype of a cartoon character Nemo, try to cross the bridge over the water full of piranhas.
  4. Gröna Lund is the most popular and oldest amusement park in the country. There is plenty of entertainment here, including rides and roller coasters as well as restaurants and sweet shops. The highlight of the Park is the ride Eclipse which immediately captured the title of the tallest giddy-go-round in the world.

 Learn how the Nobel Prize came about

In the museum of Alfred Nobel, you can learn about the founder of the famous Nobel Prize who had become rich by trading with dynamite but then decided that every year the winners will get a substantial reward of his wealth for outstanding achievements in the fields of medicine, literature, chemistry, physics, peace and protection. Exhibits and audio guide will tell you how the idea came about.

The Portraits of Nobel laureates in the exposition are not hung on the walls but represented by moving installation looking like a conveyor-hanger. In the museum, there are several interactive rooms where you can run real scientific experiments.

 Visit the Town Hall

One of the symbols of Stockholm and Sweden is the political center of the capital – the monumental structure of the Town Hall. The structure is finished by a 106-meter tower visible from afar. Two rooms (Gold and Blue) of the Town Hall are open for tourists. The Golden Hall is named in honor of the golden mosaic of the floor and walls. The Blue Hall area is comparable to a football field.

You can look at Stockholm from the bird’s eye panorama climbing the tower of the Town Hall. Upstairs strong wind blows so a warm jacket with a hood will come in handy, even in summer. However, it is not so easy to get to the Town Hall: the queue is big, and you have to climb through the narrow corridors.

Spend great time after sunset

In addition to visiting museums, castles and other attractions in Stockholm, there are good opportunities for evening entertainment. Most of the major nightclubs are located in the area around the Park Kungstraedaorden, Berzelii Park, Stureplan Square and the City district in central Stockholm – a large territory which, especially on weekends, bustles with nightlife. Many of the big clubs are open until 5am. Debaser, Hornstulls Strand, Sodra Bar, Nalen are best clubs with live music.

 Go shopping to the City

First of all you can go shopping to the City and Ostermalm where you will find Swedish and international brands, upscale shops of interior: Asplund, Nordiska Galleriet or Svenskt Tenn. There are large department stores in the city: Nordiska Kompaniet NK, Åhléns and Pub, as well as shopping malls Gallerian and Sturegallerian.

In boutiques between two squares, Norrmalmstorg and Stureplan, you can find everything, from beautiful pottery to jewelry from the design studio of Eva Attling whose products use Madonna and Jennifer Aniston. On weekends, you can make a bargain on the popular designer market Street.

 Dine in one of the best restaurants in Scandinavia

Operakallaren. From Swedish, it means ‘cellar of the opera’, however, in fact, it is not a cellar, but only a side wing of the Opera House. The owner of the restaurant is Vretman Torah, the most famous chef and in Sweden. Also, the restaurant is located directly opposite the Royal Palace what makes it even more attractive.

And if you want to eat in a good café then choose cafe Hoko, known for the desserts served for the Nobel Banquet. On the menu, there is an ecological bread of sour dough, homemade ice cream, pralines and chocolate dessert.

 Escape from the city going on a picnic

Stockholm boasts of many exhilarating and exciting picnic places that are worth visiting. For example, a central city park, which is connected by bridges to the Old Town and Sodermalm district, and Lake Malaren (which is pure enough to not only swim, but even get fish).

You can take a walk to the Kungsholmen district in the western part of Stockholm. There, along the waterfront Norrmalarstrend, a perfect bike path goes that winds from the Town Hall to the beaches and the park Ralambskhovsparken. And in the northern part of the city there is Hagaparken, an ancient park with magnificent scenery, lakes and ponds.

 Go skating

If you arrive in Stockholm in winter, you will find something to do here even in this time of year. Skating on the Royal Garden Kungstradgarden is another way for winter fun and active recreation in Stockholm. It is totally free fun and a great leisure activity.

Stockholm is an amazingly beautiful city with many spectacular sights and no less vibrant entertainment. Having been there at least once, you will be waiting forward to a next trip. Start exploring the city with the above list of the top 10 things to do in Stockholm, Sweden capital.