The Land of the Midnight Sun – the night full of the sunlight

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  1. What is the midnight sun?
  2. The Land of the Midnight Sun – Norway
  3. The Land of the Midnight Sun – Finland
  4. The Land of the Midnight Sun – Sweden

People in Scandinavian countries are used to the local nature’s contrasts: a pronounced change of seasons is alone worth of attention, and when it comes to a long polar day, which replaces equally long polar night, no one can be indifferent.

What is the midnight sun?

A polar day is a time when the sunshine will please you 24 hours a day, especially in good weather. If you want to enjoy this amazing natural phenomenon in full then go to Northern Norway, Finland or Sweden inside the Arctic Circle.

Duration of the polar day depends on how far you've got to the north: the natives and travelers can observe the shortest midnight sun for two days, and the longest – about 120 days (at the Svalbard Archipelago). And at the North Pole the sun does not set as much as six months. In general, the midnight sun shines from mid-May to late July with slight variations in different regions.

The midnight sun in the Scandinavian countries

Norway Finland Sweden
Location Period Location Period Location Period
North Cape May 13 - July 29 Utsjoki May 16 - July 27 Abisko June 17 - July 19
Hammerfest May 16 - July 26 Ivalo May 22 - July 21 Elivare June 4 - July 12
Vardø May 17 - July 25 Sidankyulya May 29 - July 14 Jokkmokk June 8 - July 3
Tromsø May 20 - July 22 Rovaniemi June 6 - July 7 Kiruna May 31 - July 11
Harstad May 24 - July 18 Kuusamo June 12 - July 30
Svjlvaer May 28 - July 14 Keni June 18 - July 24
Bodø June 3 - July 8
Svalbard Archipelago April 20 – August 22

The closer to the Arctic Circle the longer the polar day, however, even in the areas located slightly below the Arctic Circle the night changes the day just for a few hours so you can long enjoy the sunshine.

The Land of the Midnight Sun – Norway

The further the north the longer the polar day what means you have more opportunities for a sightseeing tour and outdoor activities in Norway. Midnight Sun is a great reason to make a big stay in Norway.

What to do in Norway in the midnight sun

The range of activities is huge at this time, and the most perfect is that you are able to spend more time trying a lot of new and interesting things than at any other season:

  1. Make a journey by kayak. In the vicinity of Tromsø boat trips by one or two-person kayaks are offered. Do you prefer walking by land? Then choose a thematic tour on the surrounding area or sightseeing as this small but lively town can boast of many attractions.
  2. When can you make a journey along the Norwegian fjords if not during the polar day! Go to the Lofoten Islands and enjoy the stunning nature of the archipelago in the glow of the midnight sun, have a climb to the mountain top or play a night round of golf – you will manage to do everything. In addition, you can go to an equipped camping or take a tent for rent.
  3. Do you prefer a sport holiday? Cycling allows everyone to leisurely explore Northern Norway. One of the most popular cycle routes begins near Helgeland and stretches to Bodø. No less interesting are hiking tours from Tromsø and camping at the North Cape – amazing landscapes resemble fairy tale images.

Moreover, a polar day is a great time to visit the unique Norwegian festivals and events within this period. You can take part in the Midnight Sun Marathon which attracts runners from 50 countries who want to try their hand at a night race under the sun. Learn more about the culture of Norway visiting the Festival of Fine Arts in Northern Norway, Harstad, June, or Tran Music Festival which is hold in Helgeland, in July.

The Land of the Midnight Sun – Finland

Summer in Finland promises an exciting stay. Those who are going over the Arctic Circle will be able to enjoy the beauty of a polar day. In the most regions of Northern Finland a polar day phenomenon can be observed from May to August. It is not a surprise when the travelers enquire how to spend so much time.

What to do in Finland in the midnight sun

No one wants to go to bed early if the nights are as bright as days. The nature gives us a unique opportunity to do everything we have no time for in other seasons:

  1. One of the favourite leisure in the midnight sun among the Finns is a holiday in the cottage. Try to stay in a small cottage on the waterfront and enjoy the peace, tranquility and sunshine 24 hours a day.
  2. If you prefer an active vacation choose boating, kayaking, or a trip by steamer and get an unforgettable pleasure from marvelous scenery in the soft light of the midnight sun. Your vacation can be more interesting with fishing, hiking or golfing. A huge amount of safe Finnish roads are perfect for cycling: at 4 am you will hardly find crowds of people or autos but you will enjoy the scenery and luxurious silence in full.
  3. The midnight sun gives a unique opportunity to observe the part of nature hidden from our eyes in usual nights: nocturnal birds and animals go fowling in the sunlight allowing anyone to see them.

And of course, there are lots of worth-seeing events in Finland which are held annually in June. Learn more about the unique local culture visiting The Midnight Sun Film Festival and musical folklore fest The Jutajaiset Festival.

The Land of the Midnight Sun – Sweden

In summer, going to the north of the Arctic Circle you can enjoy about 100 days of sun around the clock. The landscapes under the midnight sun have a magical flavor. To enjoy the amazing phenomenon of a polar day, go to Lapland.

Swedish Lapland is one of the last wild sanctuaries of Europe. Here there are legendary national parks of Sweden, the most famous of which are Abisko and Sarek. Northern Sweden is a homeland to the Sami who lived here since ancient times. Their unique traditions and long-term culture are still maintained. Swedish Lapland is not only beautiful but also is full of a large number of wild reindeer. They come close to the road pleasing thus travelers. There are also other wild animals and birds in Northern Sweden: bears, moose, wolverines, golden eagles.

You can go hiking in Lapland tenting for a night in any desired location – it is allowed here. In Swedish Lapland there is a specific connection to nature and you can experience unique and priceless feelings.

It is not an easy task to sleep in the midnight sun. The best advice is to close window curtains or blinds. However, why should you fell asleep at usual time in the summer? You will have enough time to sleep in the winter. In addition, the natives say that the body after having received such an enormous charge of solar energy throughout the day requires less time to sleep at night giving us an opportunity to enjoy a unique natural phenomenon.