Short Norway Cruises or Endless Baltic Cruises – Scandinavian Cruises are always the best!

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The best Scandinavian cruises allow travelers to enjoy the stunning beauty of northern nature, exploring such amazing countries like Iceland, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, and Norway. You may choose a single country cruise or prefer a complex cruise around several Scandinavian countries; in any case, you will experience unforgettable emotions.

Norway Cruises

Due to the long coast in Norway, there are many interesting cruise itineraries. Today, cruise ships call at more than 30 different ports throughout the country. Among the most popular regions for cruises are: fjords, North Cape, Svalbard and the Lofoten Islands.

Norwegian fjord cruises

Cruises on the Norwegian fjords are one of the most popular destinations, which allow tourists to plunge into the mysterious and alluring world of this country and feel as if a real explorer:

  • to see unusually picturesque panoramas of Scandinavian cities – colorful Oslo, charming Bergen, dignified Kirkenes;
  • to enjoy the unique feeling after seeing silent and beautiful Norwegian fjords – Geirangerfjord, Hardangerfjord, Sognafjord, Naeroyfjord;
  • to walk through the streets of ancient Bergen and Trondheim;
  • to see the amazing beauty of the world famous Lofoten Islands;
  • to cross the Arctic Circle;
  • to go by the sea routes of the great Vikings;
  • to spend a unique romantic evening slowly turning into the Polar Day;
  • to go fishing in cozy Norwegian bays and meet a real troll.

The most common cruises on the Norwegian fjords last seven or eight days and nights. About half of this time is spent on land, in walks and sightseeing trips.

Ships and Cruise Price

The most popular company, which cruises along Norway, is Hurtigruten with 11 liners. Much attention is paid to the comfort of passengers: in cabins,there is a private shower room, on board there are shops, gym, spas, swimming pools, restaurants, there is even an ability to transport your car on board.

The company’s ships are not only used for tourism in Norway but also are often the only means of remote ports connection to the outside world. The tourist route from Bergen to Kirkenes and back is also called ‘Hurtigruten’. It lasts 12 days; the liner comes in several ports, allowing the passengers to explore the country. In addition, the company offers other popular routes, including winter cruises, lasting at least a day.

Popular Hurtigruten routes

Route Time Price
Bergen-Kirkenes-Bergen 12 days from 2000 Euros per an inside double cabin (2100 – outside cabin, 7000 Euros – mini-suite) in the summer
Bergen-Kirkenes-Trondheim 11 days from 1800 Euros per an inside double cabin (2400 – outside cabin, 7000 Euros – mini-suite) in the summer
Bergen-Kirkenes 6-7 days from 1400 Euros per an inside double cabin (2500 – outside cabin, 5000 Euros – mini-suite) in the summer
Fjords, LofotenIslands, Bergen-Tromso 5 days from 930 Euros per an inside double cabin (1300 – outside cabin, 1600 Euros – mini-suite) in the summer
Svalbard in July 9 days from 3000 to 11000 Euros depending on the type of cabin, its location and the liner’s route
Svalbard in September 13 days From 8000 Eurosperdoublecabin

The cost of popular cruises to the fjords is reduced by almost half in the winter months. The price includes meals, full board.

Baltic Cruises

Baltic cruises allow travelers to visit several beautiful northern countries and capitals at a single voyage. If you want not only to take a trip but also wish it would surprise you, then go to the capital of fairy tales by Hans Christian Andersen – Copenhagen or Stockholm, which will amaze you with medieval streets and a vibrant nightlife. Calm waves, healing air and entertainment on board will make your trip memorable.

Background information

The Baltic Sea is internal; it is limited by the Scandinavian Peninsula from the north, mainland Europe from the east and south, and the islands of the Danish archipelago from the west. The Sea washes the shores of nine countries: Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Germany, Denmark, Sweden and Finland. The waters of the Baltic are almost fresh and cool enough: the maximum water temperature in the summer months is +15 ... +17 ° C, that’s why it’s quite impossible to swim from the board of the liner. However, nature lovers will enjoy extremely picturesque Baltic landscapes: the endless deciduous forests along the coast, uninhabited islets and amazing north sunsets.

The nice feature of the Baltic cruises is the location of the major cities (Stockholm or Helsinki) right on the seashore what can significantly extend the excursion program without land crossings.

It is difficult to choose the best time for Baltic cruises because someone is looking for the romance of the Polar Night, others like cool water in the summer heat, the thirds prefer to have fun during the New Year and Christmas cruises. It is important that Baltic cruises are available year round. The winter routes are, of course, a little changed: the most of the Baltic Sea is not navigable in the winter. From May to September, all ships offer cruises, and the most popular months for travel in the Baltic are July and August – take this into account when booking voyage packages; moreover, at this time the cost of cruises will be higher.

Popular Baltic Cruises

The most popular routes make a small or large circle on the Baltic Sea. The duration of programs is, in average, from three days to a week, and some companies offer to go for a weekend tour to Helsinki or set off for a two-week voyage. The programs of Baltic cruises are often named by the number of ports of call, and the first one is the port of departure.

There is a pretty large selection of cruises; however, there are those which are invariably popular.

  1. From Copenhagen to Stockholm, the average cost is from 1,500 to 11,000 Euros per person for 10 days, the maximum number of sightseeing tours in the program is 43.
  2. 6 nights in Northern Europe. The program includes Kiel, Geiranger, Hellesylt, Bergen, Stavanger, and Aarhus. Cruise price starts from 800 Euros per person.
  3. 7 nights in the Baltic + Russia: Copenhagen, Stockholm, Helsinki, Tallinn, Riga, St. Petersburg, the cost is from 700 Euros per person.

The cruise price depends on vessel type, the time of the voyage and type of the cabin selected. As a rule, the cost of the cruise includes accommodation in your chosen cabin, entertainment and animation program on board, a playroom for children and adults, breakfasts at the buffet service. The price also includes a sightseeing tour of the main attractions in each city.

Iceland Cruises

Iceland Cruises will be unlike any other because everything is unique in this country: stunning landscape, local attractions and specific atmosphere of the mysterious island. The homeland for fearless Vikings and Celts charms forever, however, the most important thing is that you will discover here a world of almost untouched nature.

Another reason for the popularity of cruises in the northern countries are comfortable cruise liners. Sometimes passengers have to spend more than a week on board, that’s why the best conditions should be created. In every cabin, there is necessary furniture; and in the suites, there are even luxurious bathrooms with Jacuzzi. Cruise passengers will not get bored thanks to cinemas, restaurants, fitness centers, beauty salons, libraries, even a golf course and other sports facilities.

Popular Icelandic cruises

There are various Iceland cruises. This can be a cruise around Iceland with the starting point of Iceland itself or cruise to Greenland with Iceland as a stopover. In transatlantic cruises ships also call at ports in Iceland where passengers are invited to disembark. Sometimes an Iceland cruise is the part of the cruise to the Nordic countries which may end in Iceland or follow further north, to Svalbard.

The capital of the country, Reykjavik, with its many picturesque attractions is perfect for coastal excursions during a cruise to Iceland. In addition to the capital port, cruise ships often call at the port of Akureyri where tourists can visit several interesting places. For example, in the Botanical Gardens, there are plants from around the world. Near the town there is the waterfall of Gods – Godafoss Waterfall, one of the most spectacular natural wonders of Iceland.

In addition to the listed ports, in Akureyri and Reykjavik, ships cruising over Iceland enter the ports of the islands Vestmannaeyjar, Grundarfjordur and Grimsey. Iceland, being home to many volcanoes, is an excellent choice for a cruise vacation thanks to the variety and contrasts of local flora and fauna. The famous geothermal spa Blue Lagoon, as well as volcanoes and geysers make the cruise to Iceland unforgettable.

In addition to glaciers and geysers, tourists are attracted by Iceland fjords. Do you want to visit the Arctic Circle? Cruises to Iceland, to the city of Grimsey, will help you to make your dream come true!

The cruise price varies depending on the duration, the selected liner, the type of the cabin. For example, the average cost of 12-14 day cruise to the Nordic countries with stops in Reykjavik and Akureyri will cost you from 1500-2000 Euros per person.

Scandinavian cruises will be an unforgettable experience thanks to the natural wonders and incredible beauty of the North. From Norway and Iceland to Sweden and Denmark, every day, you will discover new amazing places.