The seven most amazing waterfalls in Norway


  1. Crystal Falls in Svalbard
  2. Kjosfossen Waterfall in Flåm Railway
  3. Turlifossen Waterfall near Laerdal tunnel
  4. Langfoss Waterfall
  5. Voringsfossen Waterfall
  6. Mardalsfossen Waterfall
  7. Waterfall Vinnufossen

Every traveler first entering Norway will be fascinated by stunning fjords, amazing Norwegian roads, even in the most remote areas of the country and, of course, magnificent waterfalls. You will not find so many and picturesque waterfalls anywhere else in the world as in Norway.

Crystal Falls in Svalbard

Despite the severity of the region, the local climate is a fairly mild due to the warm Gulf Stream. Therefore, even in winter the temperature does not drop below -15 Celsius, and in the summer warms up to 5 Celsius above zero. In the summer months, when it is light day and night, glaciers and snow are melting and produce stunning glacial waterfalls.

Lots of such melting waterfalls are located on the huge glacier Bråsvellbreen, covering an area of 1160 square kilometers. The glacier goes deep into the Barents Sea. On its vast ice surface, hundreds of rivers and streams are formed by melt water, which falls down into the sea with a height of about 15-20 m. It’s an awesome view: the Glacier resembles of a huge dam through which the water breaks.

How to reach Crystal Falls

The giant glacier Bråsvellbreen, located on the second largest island of the archipelago – Nordaustlandet, stretches for 200 km. And the best and perhaps the only possible way to see the waterfalls is to take a tour to Svalbard by a cruise ship.

Kjosfossen Waterfall in Flåm Railway

The unique waterfall Kjosfossen is located in Aurland, in the western part of Norway. Its main feature is not only picturesque and stunning views, but also the fact that the waterfall feeds the Flåm Railway with electricity.

Due to this railway laid at a high altitude, you can enjoy the splendor of a powerful waterfall Kjosfossen. The meeting with this awesome waterfall awaits you at the height of 669 meters above sea level.

Having come through the longest tunnel Noli, the train stops at a special viewing platform, which offers stunning views of this pristine natural wonder of the cascading water. The huge flow of water foams, rages, and with incredible strength falls in cascades onto the black cliffs and then, to a beautiful mountain lake Reinunga.

The total height of the zigzag waterfall is 225 meters. The best months for visits are March, April, June, July and August.

How to reach Kjosfossen Waterfall

The Flåm Railway connects the road between Oslo and Bergen and the Sognefjord. Depending on the season the train follows the route Flam–Myrdal up to 10 times a day. In Myrdal you can transfer to a train to Oslo. The ticket for the Flam train costs about 38 Euro.

Turlifossen Waterfall near Laerdal tunnel

Turlifossen is an impressively large cascade waterfall, which is located close to the city of Aurlandsvangen. The water rush down from a height of 243 meters, falls on the farmland of Aurlandsdalen Valley. The width of the waterfall is 18 meters, and the total length of fall is about 400 meters. Turlifossen is located in the south of the Sognefjord – the largest in Europe, narrow, curving, deeply cut into the land bay with rocky shores. It is the most beautiful cascading waterfall in the region.

You can admire the waterfall 9 months of the year. In winter, Turlifossen freezes and causes a huge interest among the climbers.

How to reach Turlifossen Waterfall

Due to the specific location, the waterfall can be hardly seen from the highway E16, except that the most careful traveler can see the upper part of Turlifossen. It happens because the highway goes into the world's longest Laerdal tunnel, making it impossible to see beautiful natural views passing by.

It’s quite easy to get to the falls. It is located 300 meters from the entrance of the tunnel. In order to see the falls from a distance, you have to drive a little by the road 50 in the direction of Dalen. If you want to see Turlifossen closer, you should turn off the road 50 to the country road going till the bridge over the river Turlilfi.

Langfoss Waterfall

Langfoss Waterfall is one of the most beautiful cascading waterfalls in Europe and is among the highest in the world. The unique natural wonder is located in the west of Norway, close to the small village of Etne, and is quite popular among tourists.

The waterfall impresses with its dimensions: its width is 76 meters, the total height is 612 meters. Unlike usual waterfalls, Langfoss waters go way down the mountain and join the waters of the Akrafjord, becoming a huge and powerful flow. It’s a stunning view! The best time to go on a journey to the falls is summer, from June to September.

How to reach Langfoss Waterfall

The closest major city to Etne is Norwegian capital, Oslo, located 396 kilometers away. 63 kilometers from the destination, there is Haugesend airport. Right at the foot of the waterfall European route E 134 passes.

Voringsfossen Waterfall

The fairy-tale land with trolls, picturesque fjords and numerous waterfalls constantly attracts tourists. One of the most famous waterfalls of Norway is Voringsfossen located on the western coast of the Atlantic in the county of Hordaland.

Its length is about 182 meters, given the sloping part of the waterfall. The water drop is 145 meters – from this height the turbulent waters of Voringsfossen fall into the river Bjoreia flowing in a narrow gorge between rocky mountains covered with forests.

Near the highest waterfall in Norway, there is an observation deck where you can see how quickly water runs down the edge of the cliff. There is often a rainbow, that’s why Voringsfossen is often called a rainbow waterfall. Not far from the observation deck, you can leave your car in a special parking area where you have to be extremely cautious as there is no fencing along the cliff ledge.

How to reach Voringsfossen Waterfall

You can get to the waterfall by the highway R7, going from Eidfjord to Hardangervidda.

At the foot of the waterfall, there is a hiking trail leading through the Hardangerfjord. Near the waterfall Voringsfossen, up the mountain, there is an old winding road, built in the late 18th – early 19th centuries. To pass it, you will have to overcome about 125 hairpin curves. The best views of the falls are open from the top, from the observation deck of Fossli Hotel.

Mardalsfossen Waterfall

Mardalsfossen Waterfall located in the valley Romsdal near the town of Nesset attracts lots of tourists every year. And its height causes arguments among researchers: some of them think that the length of all cascades is 657 m, others are sure it’s 705 m. Though it doesn’t have an impact on the fact that Mardalsfossen Waterfall is the longest in northern Europe and is among the ten most impressive waterfalls in the world.

More than a hundred years (since 1870), a cascading waterfall Mardalsfossen is an important tourist attraction. But you can admire it only in a strictly allowed time. From nine in the morning until nine at night in the summer, from June 20 to August 20, a group of tourists gather to watch one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world. The rest of the time the natural source of water is used for hydroelectric power needs.

Waterfall Vinnufossen

Vinnufossen Waterfall is a cascading waterfall with the biggest stage of 420 meters. The Total length of the waterfall is 860 m. Waterfall Vinnufossen is the highest in Europe and one of the six highest in the world. Maximum height of free water drop is 150 meters. Even close to the main road, having passed just 5 minutes towards the waterfall, you can feel the water spray on your body. The waterfall is especially beautiful in spring and summer when melted waters from snow glaciers come into the river. Falling down, the waterfall is divided into several parts and passes through the trees.

How to reach Vinnufossen Waterfall

Vinnufossen Waterfall is located in Norway, in the municipality of Sunndal near the village Sunndalsora. The nearest major city is Andalsnes, 106 km away.

All waterfalls in Norway are fascinating. They charm with their severe nature, unique cascades, powerful water streams, mysterious stories and enchanting sounds. Every tourist will be full of bright emotions and unforgettable impressions after having visited Norwegian waterfalls at least once.