The Atlantic Road in Norway – awesome in its beauty

Bridge across the ocean, Photo: © Alexey Ponomarenko

A ferry trip along the Norway coast is not a surprise, but an opportunity to drive through the small islands of the Atlantic Ocean on the road with stops to admire spectacular views and do fishing is unique. The Norwegians know how to attract experienced travelers. You can also ring the changes on your vacation with travelling on the Atlantic Road.

General information

Built in 1989, the Atlantic Road is just a little more than 8 km between Kristiansund and Molde. But throughout these 8 km you will enjoy stunning Norway nature and appreciate the wonders of the local architecture – seven bridges connecting the small islands, through which the road passes, is an engineering miracle.

If you have rented a car and planned a self-guided tour learn how to get to this road.

When beginning a trip from the northern part of Norway you can get to the Atlantic Road through Kristiansund which lies 30 km from the road. First you need to drive from the city center on the road fv. 70, and at the roundabout change the direction to fv. 64, following Molde signs. Here you will find a fee-based Atlantic tunnel: you should pay separately for a car and every passenger. Coming out of the tunnel, head to the city of Korvog where the Atlantic Road begins on.

If you travel from the south of Norway then go to Molde which lies 47 kilometers away from the road. Drive to the roundabout in Molde on the fv. 64, then go to Elnesvogen on the fv. 663, and then change the direction to the fv. 664 which goes to Bud – the southernmost point of the Atlantic Road.

What to see

Though the road stretches only for 8 km, there is much to see: from awesome natural views to the unique architectural ideas:

  • One of the most impressive views is the Storseisundet Bridge, which has many other informal names: a bridge to nowhere, a drunken bridge. Bridge to nowhere. Photo: Alexey Ponomarenko But whatever you call it the bridge gives a thrill everyone who sees it for the first time: it seems that all cars traveling on it will inevitably reak down into the abyss. It’s all about its fanciful curved shape which was designed in order to attract tourists and to let the ships freely pass under the bridge.
  • Along the Atlantic Road there are four observation decks where you can stop to admire the nature, do fishing or just go down to the water. If you come here in the fall you can catch a powerful sight as at this time there are frequent violent storms.
  • The nearest landmark to Kristiansund is Bremsnes village with its cave, which had traces of cultural activities aged at least 10,000 years.
  • Another village – Kvernes – deserves travellers’ attention by the traditional Norway wooden church from the 14th century and an ethnographic museum consisting of 11 buildings.
  • If you decide to travel on the Atlantic Road in Norway it is worth to visit the cities next to the road. In fine weather Molde will please you with a magnificent view of 87 snow-capped peaks. In summer there is lush vegetation here: ash, maple, linden, aspen which gave Molde its name – the ‘City of Roses’. The white Cathedral built in the middle of the 20 th century, the Old Town Hall and the observation deck Varden are also worth visiting.
  • Kristiansund is one of the oldest cities in Norway; it is believed that people lived here for about 8000 BC. In this small town there arelots of traditional Norwegian churches both ancient and modern. Another attraction there is a kind of a ship ‘sundbaten’ – one of the oldest forms of public transport.

Your trip will be unforgettable even if there is no time or opportunity to turn away from the Atlantic Road as in Norway every part of the country is interesting in its own way.

© Marina Ignatova -

What else to do?

What can a traveler do in Norway, in addition to cruise on the fjords, cycling or hiking? Of course, fishing!

The Atlantic Road is excellent for this activity. Along the road there are parking lots, so you can leave the car and go fishing right from observation decks or go down, find a secluded spot and enjoy the sea air and raging waves. In order to fully plunge into the atmosphere of an old Norway fishing village, stay for a couple of days on the island Haholmen, near Hustadvika, for example in Håholmen Havstuer complex or Hustadvika Gjestegård resort. Fishing huts are restored and ready to take in visitors, and in a local café you will be told many interesting stories.

Surfing and diving are usually little associated with Norway, but Hustadvika bay is perfect for these activities. In summer there are guided underwater tours and closer to the fall surfers gather here in search of big waves.

Do you want to see cultural events? Welcome to Molde Jazz Festival, which is held in early July and collects famous musicians, the photo festival Nordic Light, opera performances in February and an exhibition of gingerbread houses, holding before Christmas, in Kristiansund.

To spend more time among the beauties of the Atlantic Road, you can stay in one of the cabins at the recreation centers, located on the islands along the road, near the beaches and the sea shore. In one of the restaurants in large settlements (Bud, Molde, Kristiansund) you will try the local cuisine and seafood dishes.

It is impossible to fully describe why the Atlantic Road was called one of the best tourist roads. To understand this, you need to see it with your own eyes.