Strokkur – a boiling fountain


  1. What is Strokkur geyser
  2. Where to stay
  3. How to reach Strokkur geyser in Iceland
  4. What else to see near Strokkur

Iceland is a land of geysers. The largest of them is located in the valley Haukadalur on the south-west of the island. Every 5-10 minutes of a quiet pool, Strokkur turns into a hot fountain. Suddenly a column of boiling water shoots up high in the sky.

What is Strokkur geyser

Iceland is a geologically unique region, extremely active tectonically and geothermal. If you look at the island to the Earth scale you will see that Iceland is a huge column of molten lava coming out of the earth's core and having a height of more than 500 km. The tiny top of a pillar is right Iceland, which is famous for its burning springs, geysers, volcanic activity, as well as glaciers. In this area, there is a remarkable geyser Strokkur that erupts with regularity from 4 to 10 minutes for so many decades.

The water at the depth is under the high pressure of the upper water layer, and the boiling point reaches up to 120 degrees. As the water begins to heat up, it goes up, the pressure drops, and the water boils over in a wink resolving itself into steam, and shoots up with a cloud of spray. Before the eruption, the pool begins to pulsate up and down forming a strange bubble filled with steam. The steam bubble breaks, and the eruption begins.

Helpful information

The best time to travel to Strokkur is from June to August as at this time in Iceland, the weather is the warmest, the days are the longest, and all tourist infrastructures work in full. Of course, there is the largest influx of tourists as well, and if you do not like the crowd but want to catch a good weather then go to the geyser in May or September. Be sure to bring warm clothes, even if you travel in the summer: the weather in Iceland is extremely unpredictable, and even if half an hour ago, it was sunny and clear, in five minutes it may be cool and rainy.

Tip: do not approach close to even small geysers as the water and steam temperature is so high that can burn. However, the most dangerous areas are circled with fence, so a visit to the valley Haukadalur is safe even for children.

Where to stay

You can stay in one of the hotels or campsites in Reykjavik, especially if you go with a tour group and closer to Haukadalur valley, which is convenient for independent travelers.

  1. For the night in a double room (with shared bathroom) at the guesthouse in Reykjavik you will pay about EUR 70 Euros. Camping will be cheaper – about EUR 10 per person (per bed) and 65 for the cottage.
  2. The nearest accommodation to Strokkur is the Geysir Center with a hotel, restaurant, campsite, and a gift shop. The Center operates year round except for the hotel that is closed in January. You will have to pay about EUR 150 for accommodation in a double room per night.

How to reach Strokkur geyser in Iceland

Haukadalur Valley is located about 80 kilometers to the east of Reykjavik and included in the popular tourist route Golden Circle passing through the southern and central Iceland. You can reach the geyser within a day trip with an excursion group starting from Reykjavik. You can also travel by a rented car, jeep, van, as well as snowmobiling. Approximate tour duration is 7-8 hours.

  1. The cost of the Golden Circle tour by minibus starts from EUR 47 for adults and 23 for children from 2 to 12 years, including a visit all natural attractions of Iceland along the route.
  2. You can go to the 5-6 hours long night tour, however, only in the summer period, from its beginning to August 20. The departure is at 18.30-19.00; the minibus picks up tourists from hotels. The rate is EUR 50 per person.
  3. SUV rental for exploring the Golden Circle will cost EUR 200 for adults and 100 for children. Every seat in the jeep is payable. The price includes the services of a guide. Traveling by snowmobile will cost about 225 Euros per person.

You can rent a car and explore Strokkur and other sights on your own. However, do not forget that the local roads in the winter are covered with ice and snow, so the driver should be especially careful and attentive on the road, as well as have driving skills in extreme conditions. By the way, in the winter it is better to use a snowmobile.

What else to see near Strokkur

Every year, hundreds of tourists come to the valley Haukadalur being the part of the Golden Circle route to watch the boiling geysers: Icelandic plateau is a popular destination for the lovers of spectacular natural phenomena. In Haukadalur valley, there are about forty hot springs, including the Lake Blesi known for the bright turquoise water.

The landmarks of Haukadalur are the powerful geysers Strokkur and Geysir (or Grand Geyser), erupting at varying intervals. Geysir, unlike Strokkur, erupts a few times a day or can be totally quiet for several days, months or even years. The height of the erupting water is up to 60 meters, and observing the fascinating natural phenomenon is a real success. Except the geysers, in the valley Haukadalur, there are numerous small sources of hot water, which the locals use to warm their homes.

If you go to Strokkur with the Golden Circle tour, in addition to the geysers, you will see National Park Paul Ting, or Thingvellir, and the waterfall Gullfoss.