The wedding of your dream in Lapland


  1. Why Lapland
  2. Useful Information
  3. How to arrange Lapland wedding

Traditional weddings have caused recently less interest; future spouses tend to make their wedding more interesting and memorable. The whole world is open to you nowadays, and you can go to any corner of the world to spend one of the most important events in your life. One of these fabulous places is Lapland.

Why Lapland

What is so attractive in Lapland that newlyweds choose it for the ceremony? Of course, these are unique natural phenomena – the Northern Lights and the polar night, magnificent nature, Santa Claus with his magic elves and dwarves. Lapland weddings are so popular due to other reasons, as well:

  • romantic atmosphere;
  • wild, unspoilt nature;
  • the great of choice of accommodation;
  • unique hotels that you will not find anywhere else in the world;
  • favorable geographical position, which easily allows you to invite all your European friends to the wedding;
  • simple documentation requirements, no great paper chase;
  • excellent service;
  • a possibility to arrange a traditional, but modern wedding.

Traditional Lapland songs, dances and cuisine will be a great addition to your wedding celebration.

Useful Information

Lapland is a very romantic, private and warm place; however, the wedding ceremony, as well as any other important event requires careful preparation. Therefore, some useful tips can be very handy.

  1. Lapland wedding can be arranged in both winter and summer. For winter celebration, it is better to choose the period from December to March. But remember that the hotels during the Christmas holidays can be crowded and plan an event in advance. If you wish to have a summer wedding, you must specify whether the hotels are available this time of year.
  2. If you plan not only the wedding but also a honeymoon in Lapland, it is better to get away from the big cities to the fantastic scenery silence of the wildlife. In small remote towns there are pretty much home-like hotels with luxurious rooms for honeymooners.
  3. Carefully plan the budget that you are ready to spend on your wedding. Pay attention to Lapland wedding packages: some include only the costs of the ceremony, and you need to pay extra flights and accommodation; other includes everything, from transportation costs to make-up artist and hairdresser services.
  4. Although legal requirements for weddings in Finland are not strict you need to submit all the required documents at least 2 months before the wedding.
  5. Many newlyweds wonder whether their marriage is recognized in the territory of their country of residence. You should clarify the information with your local authorities. Even if the marriage has no official power you will be able to record your marriage at home, and arrange the ceremony in Lapland.
  6. Do not forget that winters in Lapland are very cold so take care for the appropriate clothing.

To spend your celebration excellently, you’d better contact a travel agency that arranges weddings, choose one in your country or Finland (most of the weddings are held in Finnish Lapland).

How to arrange Lapland wedding

Typically, foreign residents have three options to arrange a wedding in Finland: a civil ceremony, a nominal ceremony and a church wedding.

A civil ceremony involves an official marriage record in magistrate or at any convenient place, where, by prior agreement, a magistrate employee will come. To make your marriage legal in the country of your residence, you need to translate the marriage certificate and apostillize it. A nominal ceremony goes the same way as an official one, but without any bureaucratic procedures.

Also you can hold a church wedding in Lapland; there are both Orthodox and Catholic churches here. Before the wedding you are required to marry officially either in your own country or Finland. The cost of the ceremony is 100 Euros.

Lapland wedding packages

Since Lapland is very popular for wedding ceremonies, not only agencies offer their services but also hotels located above the Arctic Circle in Finland arrange ceremonies for the future newlyweds. The cost of the wedding package depends on the number of participants (only honeymooners or guests) and the services included.

The most popularwedding destinations

The services included
Standard Package Extended Package Superior Package
Snow Village Document preparations, ceremony, marriage certificates and fees, transfer by car to the location of the ceremony, decoration of the venue. Standard Package + snowmobile or reindeer sleigh, a wedding cake and drinks for honeymooners, a bouquet for the bride and groom. A night in Ice Suite in addition to the Extended Package.
How much 1200 Euros 1830 Euros 2113 Euros
Starry Skies The same as in the previous case + kammi rental and its decoration for the wedding and wedding night. Standard Package + transfer to kammi by a reindeer sleigh, a wedding cake and drinks, a bouquet for the bride and groom, transfer from the hotel and back, wedding cake and drinks for 10 people. Extended Package + transfer to kammi by a reindeer sleigh for the bride by snowmobile for the groom.
How much 2500 Euros 3670 Euros 4030 Euros
Jeris Lakeside The administrative duties, paperwork, transfer, altar decorated with frozen flowers. Standard package + delivery to the place of registration by Husky, wedding cake and drinks for honeymooners. The previous option is added by the delivery of the groom by snowmobile and night in a Glass Igloo.
How much 1830 Euros 2200 Euros 2880 Euros
Ice Castle Documents, transfer, fees, decoration of the venue. Standard package + bridal bouquet, wedding cake and drinks for honeymooners, delivery to the place of ceremony by husky or reindeer sleigh. Advanced Package + delivery of the groom by snowmobile and an overnight stay at the hotel.
How much 1285 Euros 1800 Euros 2600 Euros
Igloo Village Regular documents, fees, decoration of the ceremony place, transfer, glass tepee rental. Standard package + wedding cake for 6 persons, bridal bouquet, delivery to the place of registration by reindeer . Advanced Package + a night in a Glass Igloo.
How much 2600 Euros 3240 Euros 3670 Euros
Icehotel Religious ceremony in the ice church, a night at the hotel, sauna, wedding breakfast, thermal suits. Standard package + photography Advanced Package + wedding dinner of four courses
How much 2630 Euros 3930 Euros 4200 Euros

The Chapel of Maria offers one of the cheapest options for Lapland weddings (1070 Euros). The price includes the ceremony, fees, marriage certificates, wedding coordinator and sparkling wine.

Ice church, decorated with ice and snow sculptures, or a cozy wooden chapel, the aurora borealis and amazing arctic nature, fabulous Christmas atmosphere or magical Lapland summer, reindeer or dog sledding, great service – your Lapland wedding will be unforgettable.