Igloo Village Kakslauttanen – a fairy-tale is awaiting you!



  1. How to get to the Igloo Village Kakslauttanen
  2. Accommodation
  3. What to do

Polar night, the northern lights, Santa's Village, igloo holidays – and all these wonders can be found in the same place! Namely, in the Hotel Igloo Village Kakslauttanen located in Finnish Lapland. In addition to the opportunity to see so many beauties at once you will get everlasting memories from living in an igloo. But first things first.

How to get to the Igloo Village Kakslauttanen

The hotel is located in Finnish Lapland, 250 km above the Arctic Circle, in the national park Urho Kekkosen. You can get there by plane or bus.

The nearest major city to the airport, Ivalo located just 35 km from the Igloo Village, takes in flights from Helsinki, northern Norway (all year round and seasonally, depending on the airline), London, Manchester and Amsterdam (only seasonally). From the airport, the hotel shuttle bus runs, which is free for the hotel customers.

The closest point for bus service is the city of Rovaniemi, located 250 km from the resort. Buses run directly to the hotel because it is located near the highway 4. You can get to Rovaniemi by train. In addition, there is a direct bus from Helsinki to Kakslauttanen.


Kakslauttanen welcomes guests all year round, and the time you choose depends only on only on your holiday plans: in the winter, you have an opportunity to catch the aurora borealis, to experience the polar night, meet Santa Claus, go skiing and spend unforgettable igloo village holidays; summer offers hiking, fishing and various excursions.

There is a wide choice of options for tourists’ accommodation:

  1. A particular highlight of the hotel is anigloo village. Tourist Complex offers accommodation in 20 hemispherical tents like those built by Eskimos – they are called igloo. They are made of glass, wood and concrete, which allows customers to observe the northern lights without leaving a warm, cozy bed. The forecast of aurora is posted daily at the front desk, and you can hear about its appearance by gong strikes that are perfectly audible in both the entire complex and igloos. The average price for an igloo is 300-400 Euros per night, including continental breakfast.
  2. Also in Kakslauttanen there is a snow igloo in which temperature is kept at a level of 3 to 6 Celsius below zero. The guests get a heat-saving sleeping bag (it can withstand cold up to 32 Celsius below zero), warm wool socks and blankets.
  3. It is possible to stay not only in an igloo but also in one of 40 standard size wooden cottages located on a remote distance from each other, allowing guests to enjoy a holiday without being bothered by neighbors. Around each house, there is a small garden; in every cottage there is a kitchen, bathroom with shower, a fireplace, and a traditional Finnish rocking chair.
  4. Besides standard size rooms in the cottages, the customers can choose one of five Queen Suites. In addition to the facilities named, in each cottage of the Queen suite there is a luxury bathroom and outdoor bathroom.
  5. Another highlight of the Igloo Village Kakslauttanen is a bridal suite with a comfortable bedroom, a fireplace, a Finnish sauna, a Versace bathroom (bathroom ceiling is decorated with a bright constellation of the North Star in the center).

Igloos take guests from December to early May, and you can stay in cottages all year round.

What to do

Having got cozy in your selected room, you should explore the local restaurants on the territory of the complex serving European and traditional Finnish cuisine as well as dishes indigenous Lapland people, Sami.

In winter, the customers can eat in a snow restaurant built of blocks of ice; all furniture and some dinnerware are also made of ice. In this restaurant, newlywed often celebrate their wedding after the ceremony in the nearby snow chapel which is being built only in the winter. The main restaurant with Asian cuisine and Lapland is located in a traditional wooden house. A banquet can also be ordered in the house of Santa Claus or an ice bar.

Whatever season you come to Kakslauttanen there will always be things to do.

Winter tourism in Kakslauttanen

Travelling in a sleigh pulled by sled dogs or reindeer, snowmobile safaris, ice carting, cross-country skiing and snowshoeing, skiing or snowboarding, ice fishing are perfect options for outdoor enthusiasts. Do not forget about the aurora borealis and polar night. Near the hotel, there is a ski run, 180km long, and at a distance of 10 km there are ski slopes. Also you will be offered excursions to icebreaker, the world's only open to tourists.

One of the main attractions in winter Lapland is meeting Santa Claus. A visit to Santa's Resort Kakslauttanen includes an excursion to Santa's house, climbing the tower on the bridge and a visit to the workshop of the smith-dwarf.

Winter is the best time to enjoy a warm sauna. In the hotel there is the world's largest smoke sauna smoke with its adjacent restaurant. The Sauna room is geared for 100 people. In addition, there are two traditional saunas.

Summer tourism in Kakslauttanen

In summer and fall, you can enjoy hiking and cycling in the surroundings, fishing on Lake Inari, and picking berries and mushrooms. Also, you have an opportunity to take courses of survival in the wild, take part in a cross-country motorcycle race, rent a seaplane to fly over Lapland, ride through the woods by scooter.

At the residence of Santa Claus in the summer you can see dwarfs’ workshops how to wash the golden sand (in the park, there is a small deposit). If you want to arrange a summer wedding, a portable shrine, which can be installed at any desired location, will be offered.

Arrange a short journey into your personal faity-tale – go to the Igloo Village Kakslauttanen!