Finland Visa Instructions

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  1. Determine whether you need a visa to travel to Finland
  2. Prepare documents
  3. Prepare money to pay fees
  4. Submission
  5. Pending a decision on your application
  6. Additional requirements for other types of a Finland visa

If your visit to Finland lasts no more than 90 days and you plan sightseeing or enjoying active leisure, i.e. the purpose of your visit is vacation, you should learn about Finland passport and visa requirements.

1. Determine whether you need a visa to travel to Finland

The residents of the Schengen countries, a number of EU countries, Japan, the USA and some other nationals (a full list is given in the article about the Schengen visa) are allowed to enter Finland without a visa. Also requirements for passport and return ticket may vary: Schengen citizens must present an ID card only, the U.S., Japan, Australia, Canada and New Zealand citizens may enter without a return ticket, but a passport is obligatory. Moreover, its validity should not finish for at least three months after the trip, but better – six. The same passports requirements are placed for all other nationals. Also, there must be two blank pages in the passport.

2. Prepare documents

The set of documents for a tourist visa to Finland is large enough, however its preparation is not be too difficult. For convenience, you can divide all documents into several groups:

  • Basic documents, including an application in English or Finnish, passport copy, two color photographs on a light background.
  • Financial documents: a bank statement for the last 6 months, employment reference, the proof your business ownership, the proof of your real estate and / or vehicle ownership. Unemployed applicants should ask their relatives to vouch for them and provide documents proving financial sufficiency.
  • Travel documents: hotel reservation or lease agreement, medical insurance which, if necessary, covers the cost of 30,000 Euros, a return ticket. If you go to Finland on a private visit, for instance, to the relatives, you will need an invitation and the proof of your kinship.

All documents shall be filed in two copies. Originals will not be returned except for passports.

3. Prepare money to pay fees

You are to pay the fee at the submission in the Embassy, in Euro or local currency, at the rate of 60 Euros per adult and 35 Euros for children from 6 to 12. To be exactly sure about the fee and the necessity of its payment, check the information at the Embassy or Consulate website.

4. Submission

For submission, first you are to make an appointment. It is better to apply 30 days earlier the planned trip. On average, a decision on the grant of your visa can be obtained in 10-15 days, but sometimes the timing may vary for reasons beyond your control. Visa application is accepted by personal presence of the applicant.

At the appointment you will also be asked to give your biometrics (fingertips). You should provide all required documents right at the date of submission: further or advance online submission is not allowed. The Embassy may ask you for additional documents, and then you provide them later at a given time. Also, you may be invited for further interview.

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5. Pending a decision on your application

You can call to the Embassy on the given date and clarify in advance if your visa is granted. Remember that even if a full set of documents was provided and you met all requirements necessary to be granted a Finland visa your application can be denied. The Embassy may decide to give you a visa for a period shorter than stated or of another type, for example, a tourist visa instead one for family visits.

In a case of a visa deny the Embassy will send you an official letter with instructions how to request the reasons for refusal.

Have you got a visa? Congratulations! Start planning your itinerary over Finland!

Additional requirements for other types of a Finland visa

In addition to a tourist visa you can apply for a medical, business, or private visa. To apply them you should know specific requirements and prepare additional documents.

For a business visa

This type of visa includes visas issued to take part in conferences, seminars, exhibitions, etc. Be prepared to provide a formal invitation with contacts of the company that issued your invitation, the purpose and duration of your stay in Finland, its registration certificate and bank statements of your organization if you travel as a company member.

For a private visa

If you plan to visit your friends or wish to see your spouse or children, then you'll need an invitation, the proof of kinship and friendship ties (marriage certificate, correspondence, photographs, etc.), an explanation of why you can not meet in the country of your residence, passport copy of the inviter.

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For medical treatment in Finland

If you are going to Finland for medical services prepare a letter from your attending physician in your country who has recommended treatment in Finland, an official confirmation from the Finnish hospital, ready to take you in, the proof of medical services payment or your capacity to pay, the correspondence between medical institutions (both sending and receiving).

Full and accurate information provided when applying increases your chances of a favorable decision on your application and trip to Finland.