Finland – a perfect destination for ski holidays

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  1. General information on Finland ski resorts
  2. Finland ski resorts

Finland is one of the most popular countries for winter holidays. Among others, it attracts ski enthusiasts from all over Europe.

General information on Finland ski resorts

Finns are very fond of all kinds of winter sports: mountain skiing, cross country skiing, dog and reindeer sledding and others. In addition, Finland can boast of very well developed tourism industry and high quality service.

In Finland, there are almost no high mountain peaks, for the most part these are hills with little elevations. The ski resorts are located throughout Finland, and you can not only enjoy the ski slopes but also to spend a great holiday: developed infrastructure, good hotels and cozy cottages, many attractions, nightclubs, bars and restaurants, the residence of Santa Claus – a stay here will be interesting for tourists of all ages.

When to go for skiing in Finland

Finland is so attractive among ski lovers due to a very long season: from late October to early May. There is an especially great flow of tourists from March to May when the frosts are not so strong, and the level of snow is sufficient for skiing. If you plan ski holidays in Finland for the Christmas and New Year holidays, or earlier, remember that the snow depth is sufficient mainly in the north of the country, close to the Arctic Circle and over it.

Where to stay

Hotels of different levels and cozy cottages are at your disposal. Hotel rates depend on the season and resort: the highest prices fall on Christmas and New Year holidays, March and April. Thus, the average price per double room is 70-80 Euros at such resorts like Levi, Tahko,Ruka, and Vuokatti.

If you go to Finland with friends, you’d better rent a cottage closer to the ski slopes. The most spacious cottages are geared for 10-12 people. A standard cottage – for 4-6 people. Often in the cottages there is a sauna; most cottages, especially in the north of Finland, are usual cabins, without finishing, but very well furnished and comfortable. An average cottage price for 4-6 people in high season is 150 Euros per night. Per house for 12 people, you will give a maximum of 420 Euros.

If you want to save money and book a good accommodation, conveniently located in relation to the mountain slopes, then you need to make reservations in advance: the best time is the end of October or beginning of November.

Finland ski resorts

As already mentioned, there are no too steep slopes in Finland, but their number, quality and infrastructure deserve the highest praise. We invite you to examine the main characteristics of the most popular Finnish ski resorts.

Finland ski resorts comparison

Resort Maximum length of the descent, m Elevation, m Number of slopes Number of illuminated slopes Lifts
Levi 2500 325 43 17 26
Luosto 1600 234 8 2 6
Voukatti 1100 170 13 4 8
Himos 950 140 18 18 12
Tahko 1200 200 23 8 15
Ruka 1300 201 34 28 21
Rovaniemi 820 160 7 - 4

And now let's take a closer look at the most popular resorts.


Vuokatti resort is a perfect place for a family ski holiday in Finland in spite of the modest ski possibilities the resort attracts by its infrastructure. There is a children's park and ski school; until the age of six skiers can use lifts free. In addition to standard pistes, there are two tunnels for skiers and snowboarders which can be used even in summer.

Besides skiing in Vuokatti, you can ride a snowmobile and reindeer, go fishing, and participate in snowmobile safaris and dog sledding. In sports and entertainment complex, you can relax and visit the water park Katinkulta, swim in the pool. In addition, there are many bars and restaurants, shops, tennis courts, bowling, mini-golf and other entertainments.

Ski-pass prices depend on the time of skiing, the number of days and the age of a skier: for example, for the whole day adults pay about 35 Euros, and children up to 12 years – 25 Euros. You can accommodate right in the resort town of Vuokatti, in one of its four hotels.


It is the largest center for winter holidays in Lapland which attracts tourists by pistes of different difficulty (18 blue, 22 red and 2 black pistes, including 17 with artificial snow). Levi is often compared with alpine resorts. Most hotels and cottages are located as close as possible to the slopes. To date, the resort can take in more than 15 thousand people at once. It is the only ski resort in Finland with cabins that lift skiers to the top of the mountain.

For snowboarders, there is a special park with halfpipe, superpipe and streets. There is a water park with restaurants, cafes and bars in Levi. You can also ride a snowmobile, go cross-country skiing, dog sledding and fishing.

The cost of ski-passes at the resort is as follows: for adults it is about 30 Euros, for children and elderly people – 19 Euros. A weekly ski-pass will cost up to 138 Euros, depending on the season. Children under 7 years old accompanied by an adult get a free access to the ski lifts.


The main attraction of Ruka is a variety of pistes that are located not on the hills as at many other Finland resorts, but on the mountains. This is the most popular resort in Lapland which is suitable for both professionals and beginners. Thanks to artificial snow making machines and early frosts a ski season in Ruka opens one of the first in Finland. Ruka ski resort is arranged as alpine resorts: the chain of lifts connects all slopes so you can ski all over the mountain.

Many cottages in Ruka are built of calibrated logs and look like real northern huts, although the interior and equipment correspond 4 and 5 star hotels. Among other entertainments: cross-country skiing (500 km of runs), snowmobile safaris, horse, dog and reindeer sledding, ice-fishing, ice-karting, skating, ice-diving, ice-climbing, ice-swimming, winter-karting and ATV racing. Children will like the local residence of Santa Claus.


This is one of the largest and most popular ski resorts in Finland. Due to the unique elevations the resort of Tahko is perfect for both professionals and beginners. The fans of other winter activities will not get bored as well: cross-country skiing, snowmobile safaris, ice-fishing. For lovers of cross-country skiing, there is a well arranged chain of runs stretching over 65 km.

There are three conveniently located hotels and more than four hundred cottages. They are located next to the slopes surrounded by powerful pines and spruces. The cottages are very comfortable, with a fireplace and sauna and quite cheap. Directly on the ski slopes there are five restaurants where anyone can get some rest and keep warm in between slopes. The ski season in Tahko lasts until mid-April. The cost of a ski-pass is 25 Euros for an adult. Children and pensioners have a discount – up to 20 Euros.

Other resorts

All ski resorts in Finland offer well arrangedpistes, quality accommodation varying only in the number and height of pistes as well as additional entertainment.

  • In Pello (100 km from Rovaniemi), you can go fishing and if you're lucky, catch rare wild salmon.
  • In Himos, there are four completely free slopes and a large pool with spa treatments.
  • Pallas is one of the few ski resorts in Finland providing a great opportunity for fans of free-ride. It is located in the national park Pallas Ounastunturi, a few kilometers from the border with Sweden.
  • Rovaniemi is located right on the line of the Arctic Circle, and here you can observe an amazing natural phenomenon – the Northern Lights.

Finland with beautiful nature, clean air, amazing natural phenomena, a variety of winter activities, especially high-quality ski resorts, awaits you!