Let's start an exciting trip to the Nordic countries

Fabulously beautiful northern nature, unique forms of recreation, eco-friendly countries, delicious cuisine, ancient monuments, amazing legends, and first class service – the beauties of Scandinavia are endless, and it is better to explore them personally!

It would be useful to learn more before you go on a breathtaking journey to the Scandinavian countries.

If you go there for the first time every place will be a discovery. But the Nordic countries are so unique that there are still plenty of opportunities to find something new even if you have been there several times.

On our site, you will read the most captivating facts and detailed information that will make every journey memorable, help to plan your route and expenses, avoid surprises and answer many important questions.

Welcome to Scandinavia, a fabulous and harsh land that will touch everyone’s feelings!

  • Features of the Norwegian cuisine and places to eat in Norway

    Traditional Norway cuisine amazes with its uniqueness, great taste and variety. Due to the climatic peculiarities it is more filling than creative; still, it is very delicious.

  • Top five most famous volcanoes in Iceland

    Iceland is an island of ice and fire – there are active volcanoes and giant glaciers everywhere. While glaciers cover 11.5% of the island’s surface, volcanic activity is more frequent than in any other area of comparable size.

  • What to do in Lofoten and when to go? The most interesting and useful facts of the Lofoten Archipelago

    Located above the Arctic Circle Norwegian Lofoten archipelago is a wonderful, fairy-tale world. The archipelago consists of many islands of all sizes; all of them together creates one of the most beautiful places in the world.

  • The seven most amazing waterfalls in Norway

    Norway is called the country of fjords and waterfalls. And if the Norwegian fjords are counted – they are 94, let alone branches, it is unlikely that someone is able to count the total number of waterfalls.

  • Lofoten – the pearl of the northern Norway

    Located above the Arctic Circle Norwegian Lofoten archipelago is a wonderful, fairy-tale world. The archipelago consists of many islands of all sizes; all of them together creates one of the most beautiful places in the world.

  • Iceland Waterfalls – firstest with the mostest

    The severe nature of Iceland is the best place for waterfalls. Basalt rocks, lush vegetation in the summer and frozen winter silence make waterfalls wonderful creations. However, a picture is worth 1,000 words!

  • Explore Norway with fjord cruises

    Snow-white liners, narrow meanders of the deep Norwegian bays, the sea breeze, and the majestic and awesome fjords. Isn’t it impressive? Thus will be your voyage to the northern country, which is famous for its pristine natural beauty.

  • The best of natural attractions of Iceland

    These are natural attractions in Iceland that draw thousands of travelers’ attention. It is enough to come here just once to fall in love with this country. The landscapes are magnificent with amazing waterfalls and fjords, majestic volcanoes and geysers.

  • Jökulsárlón Glacial Lagoon: icebergs at arm's length

    The huge popularity of the lake is explained by the spectacular scenery that can be seen only in this unique place: the blue and white ice blocks of different sizes are especially beautiful drifting at sunset and iridescent at dawn.

  • Exciting Moments with Whales in Iceland

    Do you want to explore the amazing sea anımals,huge but extremely beautiful? Then welcome to the whale watching in Iceland. And as a bonus you will enjoy unique natural attractions of the harsh Nordic country.

  • Top 10 sights in Norway, or the best Norway natural attractions

    Norway greatest treasure is its carefully protected nature. Secluded coves and picturesque fjords, mountains covered with forests and meadows, pristine lakes and rivers give a unique opportunity to explore one of the most unspoilt parts of Europe.

  • Spa Holiday in an Nordic country is a unique experience

    Norway is a unique country: there are holiday opportunities for everyone here. Do you want to not only see the amazing northern nature but also relax and be treated? Then feel free to go in one of the spa hotels in Norway.

  • Strokkur – a boiling fountain

    Iceland is famous not just for its numerous geysers, but also for being the birth-place of the word ‘geyser’. One of the most popular and active in the country, Strokkur, shoots up with a boiling fountain every 5-10 minutes to the visitors’ entertainment.

  • Journey to the edge of the world

    North Cape is almost the world’s end. Behind it, there is only the Arctic Ocean stretching to the North Pole, and further, to the shores of America. Indeed, it is the edge of the earth.

  • Harsh but charming Iceland welcomes curious travelers

    Iceland is an icy country, which nevertheless offers a lot of interesting experience to the curious travelers. You only need to thoroughly prepare for the journey and be ready to the harsh weather conditions.